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Brain Health – International Day of Calm – April 5, 2024

Today is the day we should focus on promoting everyone’s emotional well-being and healthy communication within families and communities. Our emotional well being is such an import part of truly “living” life but there are those that can’t slow down their brain for whatever reason. So if there is anyone that you know that needs needs that little bit of help in taking a deep breath and pausing for the moment and resetting their brain health, suggest a Ana Franolic Reflexology. A safe place where you will find that inner calm and peace to reset the brain.  

2024 Unique Valentine’s Day Present For Her or Him or They and Them

For this year forget about the chocolates (aren’t we suppose to be healthier this year?). Ditch the expensive roses idea (have you seen the price surge?) and hold back on the mass produced generic Valentine’s Day card. Give the gift of love in an experience way. By purchasing a Reflexology Gift Certificate of Reflexology. Where the experience is one of a kind, its of the gift of wellness, of de-stressing & at the same time pampering your loved one that does so much for you throughout the entire year. Contact Ana Franolic Reflexology RRPr to arrange the best 2024 Valentine’s Day Gift.

Reflexology For Relaxation
Unique Valentine’s Gift at Ana Franolic Reflexology
Reflexologist in Kitchener

New Year – New You

Most of us think of the New Year as a time for change and action. A new beginning to do those healthy things that your inner-voice is telling you. It’s also an instinct that we know we have to change what is not working for us. At the core, life gets so busy, so hectic, so full of stress and it starts to affect our health, our work, our family.

Research proves that rest is a fundamental part of health, success and happiness. And we are less likely to find true fulfillment without it. But we are so programmed that it becomes very difficult to truly rest. This is where reflexology comes in – it is a wonderful alternative therapy that will help you destress, help lower high blood pressure, calm the brain, etc..

The usual New Year’s resolutions like exercise more, start a healthy diet, maybe try vegetarianism is all great but for long-term success – start with something simple – try REFLEXOLOGY – YOU WILL FIND YOUR STATE OF REST.

Reflexology For Stress & Anxiety Relief

A quote from the Reflexology Association of Canada – Reflexology is very effective for managing stress. Using our bodies and minds creates tension. Problems occur when we do not release these tensions regularly.

By gently working the “reflex points” on specific areas of the body, reflexology induces
a state of relaxation that releases tension, helps to increase blood flow to the extremities, slows down heart rate, and decrease blood pressure.

For clients suffering from stress-related illnesses, reflexology provides patients with a clinically proven method to reduce stress and anxiety without the use of drugs, helping clients avoid unpleasant side effects.

For those looking for a natural therapy to relieve stress and anxiety, reflexology is the solution.

Mother’s Day Gift – May 14, 2023

Looking to find a Unique Mother’s Day Gift … look no further than calling me to order a very special Reflexology Gift Certificate. It is the most thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Idea where you can make her feel pampered and cared for. An experience gift that says “I appreciate you & thank you for being the best Mom!”

Relieve Stress & Tension With Reflexology

Written in the latest health journal that “Doctors agree that over 75% of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension”.

Reflexology will help to relieve that stress & tension you are feeling.  It improves nerve & blood supply as well as aids the body to get into that peaceful healthy state. There is a validity to the phrase “Rest & Repair”.

Happy 2022 International Women’s Day

To all you beautifully smart, strong, courageous, caring, hard working & loving Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Sister-in-laws, Aunts, Nieces and female friends. You know you are the backbone to your partners, families, friends & society. Take time today to do something that will make you feel special. Go ahead pamper yourself – you deserve a reflexology session. Hint around for them to purchase a gift certificate to Ana Franolic Reflexology @reflexologykw

Prioritizing Your Health

September has always been a hectic & stressful month and this year with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it adds even more tension on how to navigate, juggle and plan our daily lives. We have definitely learned that our health is a very precious gift and that our health needs to be top priority. Not only for ourselves and our families, but for everyone’s sake.

So I ask … How will you prioritize & schedule everything you have going on? What is important to you? How are these stressful times affecting your well being? Your state of mind?

Perhaps the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities — and shouldn’t self-care as well as your health be your top priority.

Reflexology is an amazing Holistic Therapy that is all natural. No medications, no special tools or exercises, just the gifted hands of Ana Franolic, a Registered Reflexologist who will gently guide your body & mind to release those stressors. A place to recalibrate, as well as to find some inner peace and calm.

Schedule some self-care in September and let reflexology be the start to reducing the stress in your hectic life and to prioritizing your health.

Re-opening with Covid-19 Protocol & Safety Measures In Place

Reflexology in Kitchener by Ana Franolic

The last year and a half has definitely been quite a challenge for all of us. However, as the number of Covid-19 cases decline and many double vaccinations administered, I am slowly beginning to re-open my practice.  It has also been a full two weeks that my entire family has been fully vaccinated.

So, as we all try to re-adjust ourselves, once again, to return back to a safe “normal” pandemic-free way of life. I want to assure you that Ana Franolic Reflexology continues to be the place to come for your specialized wellness therapies for both your body and mind.  A place to find that inner peace where all healing occurs.

If you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact me.

Temporary Winter Closure


Please note that I will be temporary closing my practice until Spring 2021.

Mid summer, when Personal Care Services were allowed to re-open, I was able to get creative and safely conduct my practice in my outdoor oasis but temperatures have now substantially dropped as we begin November.

This was a difficult decision for me, as I know many of us suffer from anxiety as well as other health conditions where my reflexology services provide relief.  Yet as we know winter brings with it the usual increase in colds & flu but as we are in this pandemic, it becomes even more challenging to navigate.  We hear in the news, the Covid 19 numbers are higher than those back in March, when the Ontario Government had mandated closure.  My hope is that everyone one of us take all the necessary precautions even more seriously once and for all “Flatten the Curve”.

I thank my existing clients for understanding and ask everyone to stay safe and to do their part, as we are all in this together.


Reflexology Near Kitchener Waterloo

Reflexology by Ana FranolicSo when a person thinks of looking into a topic such as REFLEXOLOGY – where do you begin?

Well you start off by searching what is near you.  Then of course you continue your research by finding the right person.  Narrowing it down by reading the reviews, blogs and visiting their website, you get a sense and feel of who they are.  Furthermore, as you look into that person’s qualifications, you dig into how many years of experience and of course their education.

Now, summer for most people is a time to go out and try something new, to explore what is out there.  For students, it’s a a time to wind down and enjoy a little break from learning, For me, as a Registered Reflexologist, I have a mandate to obtain & maintain my CEUs (Continuing Education Units).  I will be taking courses, reading research, learning from internationally known teachers and of course updating my specialized skills & techniques.  In summary, I also will be exploring but having a fun time always learning.

So, as you approach summer, why not try something new, explore the benefits of reflexology, find the reflexology near Kitchener Waterloo.


2021 International Women’s Day – celebrate on March 8

On this special day, take some time to thank the women in your life, both past and present.

To our Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, Nieces and all the women of the world – thank you for being strong.

Let us all be united, proud and support one another, as this 2018 theme states –

#PressForProgress !

Here are only a few interesting points:

  1. This day celebrates women’s achievements and their perseverance over the years
  2. First celebrated in 1908
  3. 15,000 women marched peacefully through NYC demanding voting rights, better pay & shorter working hours
  4. It’s a national holiday in over 25 countries
  5. Over 50 countries will host events honoring the day
  6. Official colour:  Purple

Know that you are to be treated fairly, respectfully, equally and to be a source of inspiration to others.

Showing Some Love – February

Reflexology For RelaxationHere we are the 1st day in the 2nd month of the year, the month that has become a symbol of love, romance and showing others how much your care about them. That extra special day on the 14th known as Valentine’s Day.

It has historical reference to a feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valetinus. Actions that have been made depicting human kindness, tenderness, caring and in simplest terms – love to your fellow human being.  In modern times, we see it in primary schools, students giving out cards to one another & to teachers. In teenagers drawing symbols of hearts next to a person’s name. Young adults writing poetry or love notes.  Couples saying I Love You. Others purchasing sweet items for their sweetheart. Listening to seniors recall their cherished precious moments.  There is no better action that making someone feel that they are special. Seeing that smile, that peace, that feeling.  And have you ever noticed how good it makes you feel as well.  So I encourage everyone to do something unique for this entire month that will show your fellow man some good, some kindness, some heart, some love.

With my sincerest words:  Happy February and may your Valentine’s Day 2018 be filled with love.

For 2018 – Give Foot Reflexology A Try

Ana Franolic, Registered Reflexologist

2018 – A New Year, a New Start and a New Way to Live:

“Your life only gets better when you get better”

So why not search the term reflexology and read up on all the reflexology benefits.  Take a holistic approach to improving your health –  the entire body, mind and spirit.

Let 2018 be the year where you take a step in the right direction, try something new, leave the pain behind, allow yourself to heal, grow and flourish with positivity, health & happiness.

2017 Christmas Gift Ideas Reflexology

2017 Christmas Gift Ideas Reflexology


It’s that wonderful time of year…..

2017 Christmas Gift Certificates now available for the best & most unique experience gift for that someone special.

No need to stress out or head outdoors, just give me a call at 519-502-5354 to arrange.

Visit My Services tab on all the benefits Reflexology provides and read all the reviews on Google

Reflexologist near Kitchener Waterloo

Reflexology near Kitchener Waterloo

Quote for the day:

The  steps on our physical journey through life are taken by our feet — so why not take a special moment and treat yourself to a reflexology session by Ana Franolic Reflexology. Reflexology great for both the soles of our feet and the soul within our body.

Ranked Best Reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo

Voted Best Reflexologist in Kitchener-Waterloo

Just received great news ….

I have been selected as the winner of the 2017 Community Choice Award – Ana Franolic Reflexology RRPr is ranked as the BEST REFLEXOLOGY in Kitchener Waterloo !!

I graciously accept and will display this beautiful award within my website with gratitude.

Search for Reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo – Reviews & Ratings

How times have changed when you search for people and businesses.

We used to rely on opening up a phone book or the yellow pages but with today’s technology, we open our browsers. Whether you use Google , Internet Explorer , Google Chrome , Bing , Yahoo , Firefox , Safari or DuckDuckGo  information is literally at our finger tips.  In addition to the instantaneous information we now have the added bonus of reading reviews & ratings, which is so helpful to the consumer.

This technology shines the light on finding the superstars and weeds out the ones that don’t meet customer satisfaction or service as their main goal. So the next time you are searching for something specific let’s just say … Reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo … see if there are any ratings and then take a few minutes to read all the reviews.

Consumers helping consumers.


As Our Feet Walk On This Planet

13062103_1044971835563472_2997110145938843679_nHappy Earth Day 2017 —

As we walk with our feet throughout this special day on our precious planet let us remind ourselves with each step to become aware of a goal to encourage ourselves to do things that will benefit OUR earth.  Safeguarding our environment is very important for the welfare of all us citizens, as well as the animals and plants that we share this earth with.

So just for today, on April 22, try to:

  • walk or bike instead of drive
  • plant a tree or greenery
  • recycle
  • purchase more outdoor solar power lights & less electricity
  • live in harmony with the birds and animals
  • give gratitude to Mother Earth


A Truly Specialized Form Of Reflexology — Hand Reflexology

ontario-college-of-reflexologyAfter many months of intensive learning, studying anatomy, all the body systems, completing in-depth tests, conducting numerous hand study cases and of course a few exams –

I was told today that I have passed my final Exam-  YES !!!

Looking forward to receiving my Hand Reflexology Certificate from the Ontario College of Reflexology in the mail.


International Women’s Day – March 8, 2017

happy-international-womens-dayCelebrating today all the amazing women in my life (both past & present) & wishing each and every special lady

– Happy Women’s Day. Give yourself a special treat today – you deserve it!!

Search Yahoo or Google for Reflexology near Waterloo

Zen Reflexology By Ana Franolic

Reflexology near & in Kitchener Waterloo call Ana Franolic 

Whether you are using Google or Yahoo to search for the best reflexology near Waterloo or Kitchener, here is a special one time & limited offer for Reflexology near Waterloo and the Kitchener area:

For new clients and those searching for reflexology – book one (1) reflexology session with Ana Franolic Registered Reflexologist and receive one (1) free Hand Reflexology session.  Don’t delay…..

Call: 519-502-5354




2017 A New Year – Take A New Path To Your Health

Reflexology in Kitchener by Ana FranolicAs we bring in 2017 – I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Many of us are looking at this as a New beginning, a time to “re-New” ourselves & our health, a time to start a New path. A New journey that all begins with one single New step.

So allow yourself to take that journey, to follow that path, to step into the world of foot reflexology – a New healthy 2017!

Try something new…. a New Year, a New You 🙂



Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2016 – Reflexology

Reflexology NewsWith Holidays fast approaching many are frantically trying to buy all their gifts, ready their homes & are dreaming about down time with family and friends.

So do something that everyone loves – A UNIQUE GIFT CERTIFICATE —  REFLEXOLOGY

– It’s always the right choice! Gift Certificates & Cards will be beautifully wrapped & can be delivered.

This holiday season avoid the long lines and give the perfect gift.  It’s thoughtful, relaxing and filled with health benefits.

Limited Time Offer: Purchase a $75 Christmas Gift Certificate Reflexology Session for $65

 * Offer valid until December 23, 2016


Reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo – Take Care Of Your Feet – Part 3

Certified ReflexologistAdditional facts about our feet that make you think foot reflexology is a must try:

  • The average person walks 6,000 steps a day, that means in a lifetime that’s more than 4 times around the Earth!
  • It’s neglect and a lack of awareness of proper foot care – including ill fitting shoes – that bring on problems.
  • 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small for their feet
  • Women experience foot problems 4 x more than men (high heels not helping the situation)
  • The average foot gets two sizes longer when a person stands up.

It’s time to experience the benefits of foot reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo.

Reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo – Take Care Of Your Feet – Part 2

Reflexology by a Registered Reflexologist

Why is it so important to take care of your feet?

  • During an average day of walking, the forces on your feet can total hundreds of tons (average fully loaded cement truck)
  • The pressure on the feet when running can be as much as four times the runner’s body weight
    • Foot ailments can become your first sign of more serious medical problems. Your feet mirror your general health, so conditions like arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders can show their initial symptoms in your feet.
  • Standing in one spot is far more tiring than walking because the demands are being made on the same few muscles for a longer length of time.
  • Foot disorders in the elderly are extremely common & are the cause of much pain/disability and consequent loss of mobility & independence

Make a step in the right direction and find the best reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo.

Reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo – Take Care Of Your Feet – Part 1

reflexologybyanafranolic@rogers.comSome facts about our feet and why we should take care of them:

  • The foot & ankle is a strong mechanical structure, a foundation to keeping our body erect.
  • 25 % of all the bones in our body are down in your feet – when these are out of alignment, so is the rest of the body. (52 bones, 66 joints, hundreds of muscles, ligaments & thousands of nerve endings)
  • Soles of feet contain more sweat glands & sensory nerve endings per square centimeter than any other part of the body
  • When walking, each time your heel lifts off the ground it forces the toes to carry one half of your body weight.

So remember to take care of your feet – give the gift of Reflexology.


Zen Reflexology & Essential Oils

Zen Reflexology

Zen Reflexology by Ana

For this Reflexologist, fall is just like the beginning of a new year – a new start with new routines, which leads to some anxiety and stress. Gone are the summer mini vacations & enjoying the longer sunny hot days.  With September comes back to school, more cars on the road, a shift of attitude and a season where everyone’s schedule gets busier and taking time to “rebalance” is challenging.

But here is something to help deal with the apprehension, headaches, worries and stress – zen reflexology with essential oils.

For a limited time only, when you book your reflexology session with Ana Franolic, I will be offering the purest, highest quality essential oils that have wonderful properties.  Each unique oil is specially distilled from plants that are grown wild or cultivated organically.  No chemical fertilizers are added to the soil.  The oil is applied to the “Vita Flex” points on the feet.  This therapeutic grade oil will further enhance the reflexology benefits. This “Vita Flex Technique” means “Vitality through the reflexes”.  It is a specialized technique that is exceptionally effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils throughout the body.  It is based on a complete network of reflex points that stimulate all the internal body systems.

Essential oils have been used throughout history by ancient cultures & are known as “nature’s living energy”, containing unique constituents that provide results.

To get more info on this special when booking an appointment, call Ana Franolic Reflexology at 519-502-5354

Spa & Reflexology

Best Reflexologist in Kitchener-Waterloo

In my most recent travels to Amsterdam, Zagreb, Krk & Munich, I was able to research & experience how each Spa offers Reflexology. It is quite interesting to see whether they have a therapist that actually has a certification in Reflexology from a Qualified School (a full length training with case studies & final instructor evaluation) or whether a therapist has just incorporated a foot massage.

Each experience is notably different and for those that have a further designation of being a Registered Reflexologist the additional qualifications, skill, expertise and code of ethics is even more apparent & heightened.

So when searching for Reflexology near Waterloo, ON visit Ana Franolic, Registered Reflexology Practitioner (RRPr). Ana is a reflexologist that has her certification & registration in reflexology.


Mother’s Day 2016 Gift of Reflexology


Here’s to unconditional love:

Mother, when I see all the things you do,

I can tell your love for me is true.

I thank God he gave me you.

I love you thru & thru.

Cherish a mother’s love & thank her ….  Give her the gift of relaxation, pampering and promoting good health.

Earth Day 2016

earth_day_imageIt’s been 16 years since the first Earth Day awareness celebration.

Show your commitment every day not just on April 22.

Let’s all recommit to doing more this year for our planet, we can make a difference.

Reflexology Benefits Are Endless

Found this article in Massage Magazine

Regardless of tools or oils used, reflexology offered by a registered reflexologist can offer multiple benefits for clients.

“Reflexology’s benefits are endless, but it’s extremely beneficial in releasing stress and tension, which can wreak havoc on every organ and system in our body,” Lundgren said, adding that almost everyone holds some form of stress that may manifest as a serious condition such as diabetes, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, joint pain or depression.

Reflexology also addresses pregnancy-related stress, Lundgren said, and generally reduces stress and tension on a physical, muscular and emotional level. “Clients often feel deeply relaxed and grounded after a session,” she said. Additionally, reflexology can enhance circulation, which may address digestion and insomnia issues, enhance the nervous system and facilitate recovery from injury, according to Lundgren.

A wide range of clients can enjoy those benefits. “It is safe to give reflexology to a newborn all the way to the elderly, as it reduces pain and brings homeostasis to the body, [addressing] whatever the client may particularly need at the time,” Lundgren said. “As reflexology always brings the body back to homeostasis, it can only improve health, not put it in jeopardy.”

Reflexology Benefits & Research Studies

Reflexologist Ana Franolic's Spa

Came across some published facts:

In 1993, the medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology published the first research study confirming reflexology as a viable option in the treatment of pre-menstrual syndrome. Since that time, approximately 380 research studies that show the positive effects of reflexology for many other medical conditions have been studied, according to the American Academy of Reflexology.

Another study (November 2015 in the Journal of Complementary & Integrative Medicine) published “A comparison of the effects of reflexology and relaxation on pain in women with multiple sclerosis,” indicated that reflexology reduces pain more than relaxation alone.

I find this quite amazing —  380 research studies — all separately conducted  & providing proof of the positive benefits of Reflexology.

Valentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas – Spa & Wellness – Reflexology

Reflexology For RelaxationValentine’s Day is soon approaching and what is everyone thinking – valentines day gifts for him & her.

A huge trend for 2016 is the Spa. Many people are  realizing the importance of Wellness Therapy & Massage.  Wellness Spas are very common in Europe and the professional care that you get in day spas are taken very seriously and almost all of these high-end luxurious Spas offer Reflexology Therapy.  Here in Kitchener Waterloo there is a Reflexology Spa that offers Professional Reflexology without the marked-up, high ticketed price (I know I’ve done my research and experienced what they provide)

So look no further for your valentines day idea, call, text or e-mail Ana Franolic Reflexology and get your Reflexology Gift Certificate.  A Spa & Wellness center specializing in Reflexology.

Chinese New Year 2016

2016 Chinese New YearCelebrate the Chinese New Year on February 8, 2016 – It’s the Year of the Fire Monkey!

Have you ever wondered the meaning behind the Lunar New Year traditions?

Looking to have a a lucky, prosperous year?

So take a peak into your Chinese horoscope & try some of these traditions:

Hóunián sòng ni wuzhi hóu – (Translation – THIS MONKEY YEAR, I GIVE YOU 5 MONKEYS)

  1. Clean the house thoroughly on New Year’s Eve – sweeping away any misfortunes, making room to fresh start in the New Year
  2. Give red envelopes with some money to children – given by married people in order to pass on wealth to those who “need it most”
  3. Set off some firecrackers – drive away those evil spirits
  4. Decorate your home with red lanterns, the “Fu” (luck character) & give your family a “money tree” gift – symbolize prosperity & good fortune
  5. Come together as a family & have a feast – celebrate togetherness, a reminder to enjoy yourself after a year of hard work, the feasts reinforce the importance and fortitude of family.

And of course, try something new in the new year – Reflexology

Reflexology Points – Pituitary Gland – The Center For All Glands

1155888-bigthumbnailContinuing on with the wonderful article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology. Here is the 5th point of the article I’m summarizing:

The Pituitary gland is “The Master Gland”. It overlooks all of the other glands of the body and all the bodily functions. It secretes nine hormones, it influences growth, is a part of the triangle of life along with the sex glands.

It has been written that working this reflex can reduce fever (every 15 minutes) alleviate dizziness, faintness, muscle pain, muscle strength, congested breathing.

As a Registered Reflexologist, I can locate it by where the swirls of the big toe comes together I put my thumb directly in the center of this point and hook to the medial side.  This may be quite sensitive, so I watch subtle movements on my client’s face and ask if they feel any discomfort.

So for those of you searching for a Reflexologist in Kitchener Waterloo, who wish to experience an amazing reflexology session or know of someone who would benefit from the point addressed above, call, text or e-mail me to book an appointment.


Reflexology Points – The Solar Plexus – Central Point For The Breath

Continuing on with the wonderful article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology. Sharing the 4th point:

Our Solar Plexus – The central point for the breath

The first step in proper breathing is to expand the lungs. In reflexology, this is done by pulling the solar plexus and diaphragm reflexes down to create more space.

Breathing and speech are related, so are, breathing and tension. Most people hold their breath when under stress. Many ailments and most tension can be dispersed with proper breathing.

Working both the solar plexus and adrenal gland reflexes is extremely important to the person with asthma, allergies, and faulty blood pressure. For those problems also working the adrenal glands is beneficial.

As a Registered Reflexologist, I can locate it by placing both my thumbs on the center just below the ball of the foot, where there is a bit of a dent. With my thumb, I push in towards the clients knee and hold this reflex for 30 seconds. This is the solar plexus reflex point. Then I can place my thumbs on the diaphragm reflex below ball of the foot. I may place my thumbs together or on both ends of the diaphragm reflex. Using my thumbs simultaneously or alternating, stretching the diaphragm downward, so the lung has more room to pull in long deep breaths..

For those of you searching for reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo contact Ana Franolic Reflexology to book an appointment.

Reflexology Points – Pineal Gland – The Center Of Goal Setting

Zen Reflexology By Ana Franolic
Zen Reflexology by Ana Franolic

Continuing with the article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology. Here is the third point I’m sharing:

Our Pineal Gland – The center of the goal setting

The hormones of the Pineal Gland feeds the muscles, one feeds the memory, and one improves the nature of your sleep (produces melatonin)

It is important in dreaming, goal setting, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, muscle aches, spasms. Also its been mentioned to work it for Parkinson’s disease.

As a Reflexologist, I can locate it by using my thumb between your first and second knuckle on the first digit, I press in and down on the little edge of the medial side, just above the bump and even with the base of the nail.

So when searching for Reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo contact Ana Franolic to book an reflexology appointment.

Reflexology Points – Adrenal Glands – The Center Of The Stress Response

afranolic5Continuing on with the wonderful article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology. Here is the second point I’m sharing:

Our Adrenal Glands – The center of the stress response

The adrenals have about 50 functions and many known hormones, among them, adrenaline which causes sugar to be released from the liver for quick energy in times of stress or for the fight/flight reflex. We tend to run on this faulty adrenal energy which causes exhausted adrenals.

The adrenals fight infection, aid in muscle tone, make extra estrogen and testosterone, regulate our lymph glands, and the body’s mineral balance. They fight fatigue, allergies, viruses, and clear up the bronchi-oles. The adrenals glands are involved in arthritis and migraines.

You’re never wrong to work the adrenal gland, no matter what the issue.

By providing Reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo, I can locate it at the slight indentation halfway between the base of ball of foot and the waist line, in line with the stem of the big toe, by placing fingers over top of the ankle and with thumb, I hook medially into the reflex.

For those of you who wish to experience an amazing reflexology session or know of someone who would benefit from the point addressed above, contact me to book an appointment.

Reflexology Points – Thymus – The Center of Our Immunity

I came across this wonderful article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology.

So for the next 5 blogs, I will be writing a short summary on what I read on each point.  As we are ending January & have a few more winter months to go, I’ve particularly noticed that many people are fighting the flu & colds which when our immunity is decreased we are more susceptible to these ailments as well as others.  So for the next 5 blogs, I will writing a short summary on each of these Reflexology Points.  I will start with:

Our Thymus – The center of our immunity

The thymus gland is the center of the immune system, recognizing and sending out the appropriate antibodies to fight disease.

The thymus reacts to stress by shrinking, therefore unable to fight disease. It trains antibodies; it is vital to the immune system. You’ll find it sensitive with anyone suffering with allergies, when there is stress. Since your thymus is at attention all of the time, it will probably be sensitive.

By providing reflexology in the Kitchener Waterloo, I can locate it at widest portion of the foot. By placing my thumb on the trachea reflex, directly across from what is known as the bunion bump, I hook inwards and medially.

For those of you looking to boost your immunity, fight of influenza, lessen the pain, trying to keep virus away, investigate into trying reflexology is an additional means of boosting your immunity.


Ana Franolic Reflexology 522016 – Making resolutions is a popular tradition, but keeping them past the first week in January is the hard part. So here are 5 easy tips from the percentage of people that have made it.  To be successful:

1. Write it down & keep it in a place where you will see it everyday of the year
2. Make the resolution not about what you “should do” but what you are “passionate about”
3. Tell people about it, so that can help/support you & join in on it
4. Make it measurable & quantifiable
5. Keep a daily journal, with writing & tracking as well as encourage yourself for the next day ahead.

REMEMBER – One day at a time and one step in front of the other……

Searching for the perfect Christmas Gifts 2015

Ana Franolic Reflexology 8So here we are – the start of December.  Putting our feet back into stifling boots trying to keep them warm. Running around malls trying to find those perfect 2015 Christmas Gifts.  As we walk through the stores with sore feet & getting all stressed finding nothing original, we head home to sit for hours shopping online which kills our back & ruins our posture, frustrated by shipping costs & exchange rates  — Until we come across a website that has the answer to our search – the perfect Christmas Gift – a Spa Certificate with a special healthy twist.

A Gift Certificate from Ana Franolic, RRPr will:

1. provide a uniquely tranquil spa environment – without the airs of intimidation

2. offered by a registered therapist with years of experience – not just someone that completed a weekend course

3. benefits your health – not just a fluff massage

4. the session is for for both young & old, male & female – it has no age or gender limitations

5. her attention to detail is at the high-end luxurious spa level – without the exorbitant price

6. encompasses many of the best wellness spa experiences – not just what you get from a local massage place

7. your body will feel so relaxed – some places apply so much pressure that you feel you are even more sore than we you came in

8. your mind will enter into a blissful state – no wondering if this session is going to get any better

9. your soul will experience an inner peace – the other places just concentrate on the physical routine

10. knowledge, research & evaluating spas worldwide for over 30 years –  it will make you rethink of going else where.

To purchase the best reflexology gift session ever, call 519-502-5354 today — the recipient will thank you & you will be the best gift giver of the holidays!

** ADDED BONUS — your gift certificate will be exceptionally wrapped in a beautifully presented Holiday Theme **



Foot Reflexology Trial of Pain Level & Quality of Sleep in Post C-Section Mothers

Ana Franolic Reflexology 60As printed in the IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science:  A Randomized Control Trial to Determine the Effect of Foot Reflexology on Intensity of Pain and Quality of Sleep in Post Caesarean Mothers was conducted & noted that there is a rapid increase of C-Sections around the world.

Studies were done in both Turkey & New Delhi. They state the results as “after receiving foot reflexology therapy, the subjects showed significant pain relief and improved quality of sleep”. The findings of the study support the need of implementing foot reflexology to post operative pain and improve the quality of sleep. Foot reflexology is a non pharmacological, cost effective and simple intervention without any adverse effects. The results proved that the foot reflexology was effective in reducing the post operative pain among post cesarean mothers.

Reflexology is a sensational, dynamic yet simple approach to glowing health.  If you wish to obtain all statistical info, please review the journal.


Un-Sit Your Life

Ana Franolic Reflexology 52I received an e-mail about a new book “Un-Sit Your Life!” The Reflex Diet Solution, Change your sitting habit, Empower your Life by Barbara & Kevin Kunz.

I found the following points very interesting, the Kunzes explain:

1. the dangers of prolonged sitting. Dangers include disruption of metabolism and more leading to increased risk for weight gain, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s and more.

2. our bodies are designed to move more than is common in our sitting cultures. There’s a mismatch between our chair dwelling lifestyles and cave dwelling metabolism. We are our paleolithic ancestors designed physically to be up and about.

3. every footstep is a potential nutrient feeding metabolism and muscles by reflex actions as pressure is sensed by the feet. The Reflexologist provides targeted, quality pressure experience for the feet.

4. the focus is on techniques proven by research to elicit healthful responses. Described are how much and how often to put to use techniques for moving more to achieve a sought after result: improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and other measures of metabolism; reduced risk for heart disease (stroke and heart attack), diabetes, cognitive decline and more; approach to muscular pain, reduced waistline and weight control. Techniques include sitting smart, taking steps, taking breaks …. reflexology mat walking, and reflex therapies (reflexology, yoga, tai chi).

The book has just been released.  So “Un-Sit” yourself and contact me to experience one of their recommended techniques — Reflexology




September – Back to School Checklist

Ana Franolic Reflexology 57As a child I was always nervous in September,  starting a new school year – it was all the “unknown factors” which made my mind whirl, which in turn affected my physical body & personality.  It was a flood of feelings: being anxious, jittery, worried, easily agitated, apprehensive, unsure and stressed out.  As a parent I would say those feeling still do come about because I try to make it a more positive experience for my children, to make sure they have everything that’s needed.  Not to mention that everyone else is going through all the craziness as September brings.

So with all that said, the one place I found relief was to take 1 hour and experience Reflexology. In that one hour I was able to ground myself, my thoughts & feelings and have my body restored into a wonderful rebalanced state.

Reflexology is the perfect answer to all the above.  It should be put on everyone’s back to school checklist while you are trying to juggle everything. And don’t forget Elementary teachers in the WRDSB (Waterloo District School Board) are going through this as well.  So if you know someone tell them about Reflexology and to contact me as I have even more positive news for them.



Ensure You Ask For A “Registered” Reflexologist

feat03In my most recent visit to Elmhurst Resort & Spa (part of the Finest Inns of Ontario & if you follow me on FB I’m always doing research in luxurious Spas around the world….be careful to ensure your Reflexology treatment is provided by someone who is truly qualified – A “Registered” Reflexologist!!

A Registered Reflexologist is someone who has a qualified in-depth educational background, can provide you with their registration number (for insurance receipt purposes), is bound to adhere to Ethical Practices & Procedures and is required to do ongoing continual education to keep their Registered status.

** And by the way Elmhurst’s Reflexology session is $90 for 60 minutes for a Registered Reflexologist.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Reflexology

Reflexology in Kitchener by Ana FranolicAccording to Men’s Health Fitness Dynamics – When asked why men go to spas?

55% of men say they visit when they are stressed,  26% when they feel like splurging and 19% to take care of themselves.  With those 3 categories – why not help the men in your life with a Reflexology Gift Certificates that will give him 100 %  – to destress, a special treatment & of course to improve their health.

Giving – June 14, 2015

afranolic5Have your ever wondered….what is it that I can give to others than can make a difference in someone’s life. I’m not sure what I’m good at OR where to start…..

Well, there is something in each one of us to give – the donation of blood. It doesn’t require a special talent, it doesn’t hurt nor does it take a lot of time.

Have you been touched by a family member with cancer, heard of a young adult whose been in a car accident, read about an infant who has a serious illness, or experienced a grandparent whose requires surgery because their body is no longer functioning they way it use to……

Worldwide the importance is there — World Blood Donor Day – June 14, 2015.

As human beings we can help each other. Make a conscious effort to donate & offer what is in you and what another human being needs.

Ana’s blood type: O – universal blood donor, happy to share it 🙂