September – Back to School Checklist

Ana Franolic Reflexology 57As a child I was always nervous in September,  starting a new school year – it was all the “unknown factors” which made my mind whirl, which in turn affected my physical body & personality.  It was a flood of feelings: being anxious, jittery, worried, easily agitated, apprehensive, unsure and stressed out.  As a parent I would say those feeling still do come about because I try to make it a more positive experience for my children, to make sure they have everything that’s needed.  Not to mention that everyone else is going through all the craziness as September brings.

So with all that said, the one place I found relief was to take 1 hour and experience Reflexology. In that one hour I was able to ground myself, my thoughts & feelings and have my body restored into a wonderful rebalanced state.

Reflexology is the perfect answer to all the above.  It should be put on everyone’s back to school checklist while you are trying to juggle everything. And don’t forget Elementary teachers in the WRDSB (Waterloo District School Board) are going through this as well.  So if you know someone tell them about Reflexology and to contact me as I have even more positive news for them.