Reflexology Benefits Are Endless

Found this article in Massage Magazine

Regardless of tools or oils used, reflexology offered by a registered reflexologist can offer multiple benefits for clients.

“Reflexology’s benefits are endless, but it’s extremely beneficial in releasing stress and tension, which can wreak havoc on every organ and system in our body,” Lundgren said, adding that almost everyone holds some form of stress that may manifest as a serious condition such as diabetes, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, joint pain or depression.

Reflexology also addresses pregnancy-related stress, Lundgren said, and generally reduces stress and tension on a physical, muscular and emotional level. “Clients often feel deeply relaxed and grounded after a session,” she said. Additionally, reflexology can enhance circulation, which may address digestion and insomnia issues, enhance the nervous system and facilitate recovery from injury, according to Lundgren.

A wide range of clients can enjoy those benefits. “It is safe to give reflexology to a newborn all the way to the elderly, as it reduces pain and brings homeostasis to the body, [addressing] whatever the client may particularly need at the time,” Lundgren said. “As reflexology always brings the body back to homeostasis, it can only improve health, not put it in jeopardy.”