It is an ancient body energy work that provides a means to recharge, realign and rebalance our energy field.  The practice of Reiki is an art and science of channeling the universal life energy. A Reiki therapist will use many sacred Reiki symbols that have been guarded and secretly passed along to those who wish to promote Reiki healing.  Reiki healing and its technique applies to the body’s meridian system, chakra system and the auric field.

Reiki therapy stems from a practiced technique in Japan that has come over to the western hemisphere and is now in many Spas as well as Health & Wellness Centres. It is gentle, yet deeply powerful.  It holistically aims to relieve the body of physical, emotional and spiritual blockages.  By removing the blocked energy it restores the body’s natural ability to facilitate much of its own healing.


Ana’s Top 3 Benefits of Reiki:

  1. Energetic Rebalancing
  2. Releasing Negativity
  3. Deep relaxation


I invite you to experience Reiki energy by making an appointment. 

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  • Fee payment is by E-transfer, Cheque or Cash
  • Kindly note a 24-hour notice is required to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. (Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance of booked appointment will result in a full charge).  Missed appointments follow the same charge.