Temporary Winter Closure


Please note that I will be temporary closing my practice until Spring 2021.

Mid summer, when Personal Care Services were allowed to re-open, I was able to get creative and safely conduct my practice in my outdoor oasis but temperatures have now substantially dropped as we begin November.

This was a difficult decision for me, as I know many of us suffer from anxiety as well as other health conditions where my reflexology services provide relief.  Yet as we know winter brings with it the usual increase in colds & flu but as we are in this pandemic, it becomes even more challenging to navigate.  We hear in the news, the Covid 19 numbers are higher than those back in March, when the Ontario Government had mandated closure.  My hope is that everyone one of us take all the necessary precautions even more seriously once and for all “Flatten the Curve”.

I thank my existing clients for understanding and ask everyone to stay safe and to do their part, as we are all in this together.