Reflexology Points – The Solar Plexus – Central Point For The Breath

Continuing on with the wonderful article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology. Sharing the 4th point:

Our Solar Plexus – The central point for the breath

The first step in proper breathing is to expand the lungs. In reflexology, this is done by pulling the solar plexus and diaphragm reflexes down to create more space.

Breathing and speech are related, so are, breathing and tension. Most people hold their breath when under stress. Many ailments and most tension can be dispersed with proper breathing.

Working both the solar plexus and adrenal gland reflexes is extremely important to the person with asthma, allergies, and faulty blood pressure. For those problems also working the adrenal glands is beneficial.

As a Registered Reflexologist, I can locate it by placing both my thumbs on the center just below the ball of the foot, where there is a bit of a dent. With my thumb, I push in towards the clients knee and hold this reflex for 30 seconds. This is the solar plexus reflex point. Then I can place my thumbs on the diaphragm reflex below ball of the foot. I may place my thumbs together or on both ends of the diaphragm reflex. Using my thumbs simultaneously or alternating, stretching the diaphragm downward, so the lung has more room to pull in long deep breaths..

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