Un-Sit Your Life

Ana Franolic Reflexology 52I received an e-mail about a new book “Un-Sit Your Life!” The Reflex Diet Solution, Change your sitting habit, Empower your Life by Barbara & Kevin Kunz.

I found the following points very interesting, the Kunzes explain:

1. the dangers of prolonged sitting. Dangers include disruption of metabolism and more leading to increased risk for weight gain, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s and more.

2. our bodies are designed to move more than is common in our sitting cultures. There’s a mismatch between our chair dwelling lifestyles and cave dwelling metabolism. We are our paleolithic ancestors designed physically to be up and about.

3. every footstep is a potential nutrient feeding metabolism and muscles by reflex actions as pressure is sensed by the feet. The Reflexologist provides targeted, quality pressure experience for the feet.

4. the focus is on techniques proven by research to elicit healthful responses. Described are how much and how often to put to use techniques for moving more to achieve a sought after result: improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and other measures of metabolism; reduced risk for heart disease (stroke and heart attack), diabetes, cognitive decline and more; approach to muscular pain, reduced waistline and weight control. Techniques include sitting smart, taking steps, taking breaks …. reflexology mat walking, and reflex therapies (reflexology, yoga, tai chi).

The book has just been released.  So “Un-Sit” yourself and contact me to experience one of their recommended techniques — Reflexology