Searching for the perfect Christmas Gifts 2015

Ana Franolic Reflexology 8So here we are – the start of December.  Putting our feet back into stifling boots trying to keep them warm. Running around malls trying to find those perfect 2015 Christmas Gifts.  As we walk through the stores with sore feet & getting all stressed finding nothing original, we head home to sit for hours shopping online which kills our back & ruins our posture, frustrated by shipping costs & exchange rates  — Until we come across a website that has the answer to our search – the perfect Christmas Gift – a Spa Certificate with a special healthy twist.

A Gift Certificate from Ana Franolic, RRPr will:

1. provide a uniquely tranquil spa environment – without the airs of intimidation

2. offered by a registered therapist with years of experience – not just someone that completed a weekend course

3. benefits your health – not just a fluff massage

4. the session is for for both young & old, male & female – it has no age or gender limitations

5. her attention to detail is at the high-end luxurious spa level – without the exorbitant price

6. encompasses many of the best wellness spa experiences – not just what you get from a local massage place

7. your body will feel so relaxed – some places apply so much pressure that you feel you are even more sore than we you came in

8. your mind will enter into a blissful state – no wondering if this session is going to get any better

9. your soul will experience an inner peace – the other places just concentrate on the physical routine

10. knowledge, research & evaluating spas worldwide for over 30 years –  it will make you rethink of going else where.

To purchase the best reflexology gift session ever, call 519-502-5354 today — the recipient will thank you & you will be the best gift giver of the holidays!

** ADDED BONUS — your gift certificate will be exceptionally wrapped in a beautifully presented Holiday Theme **