My Reflexology was so relaxing, I felt rejuvenated afterwards. – AB

Thank you for the very unique experience!  As I was driving back to work, I was reflecting on the treatment and was very aware how good I was feeling…clear, energized and very happy! – RW

My first session was very relaxing and she delivered exactly what I expected  :):):)  She has “angel’s hands” – ES

Really felt relaxed after, just what I need (a great stress reducer); really enjoyed that stretching technique. – NF

Awesome, atmosphere was great. – TV

That reflexology – totally felt like jello afterwards. It’s exactly what I needed. – LF

First exposure to reflexology, good pressure (thought it was going to be more aggressive). – DV

Reflexology – I just love how I feel during & after, that’s why I keep coming back. – MP

After my first Reiki session I was surprised I actually felt “grounded” and was more “aware” for the next few days. – MM

I really needed that to unwind. – MD

I enjoyed all the movements and motions of Therapeutic Touch. Absolutely sensed a flow of movements. – TF

Didn’t think anything was going on, until when I went back for a check-up and was told “boy you heal pretty fast”, so I thought I’d mention it to you (Ana). – RP

Feeling good!  Everything was great!! Really enjoyed the music and atmosphere!!! I appreciated your professionalism – See you soon – TA

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