Reflexology Points – Thymus – The Center of Our Immunity

I came across this wonderful article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology.

So for the next 5 blogs, I will be writing a short summary on what I read on each point.  As we are ending January & have a few more winter months to go, I’ve particularly noticed that many people are fighting the flu & colds which when our immunity is decreased we are more susceptible to these ailments as well as others.  So for the next 5 blogs, I will writing a short summary on each of these Reflexology Points.  I will start with:

Our Thymus – The center of our immunity

The thymus gland is the center of the immune system, recognizing and sending out the appropriate antibodies to fight disease.

The thymus reacts to stress by shrinking, therefore unable to fight disease. It trains antibodies; it is vital to the immune system. You’ll find it sensitive with anyone suffering with allergies, when there is stress. Since your thymus is at attention all of the time, it will probably be sensitive.

By providing reflexology in the Kitchener Waterloo, I can locate it at widest portion of the foot. By placing my thumb on the trachea reflex, directly across from what is known as the bunion bump, I hook inwards and medially.

For those of you looking to boost your immunity, fight of influenza, lessen the pain, trying to keep virus away, investigate into trying reflexology is an additional means of boosting your immunity.