Showing Some Love – February

Reflexology For RelaxationHere we are the 1st day in the 2nd month of the year, the month that has become a symbol of love, romance and showing others how much your care about them. That extra special day on the 14th known as Valentine’s Day.

It has historical reference to a feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valetinus. Actions that have been made depicting human kindness, tenderness, caring and in simplest terms – love to your fellow human being.  In modern times, we see it in primary schools, students giving out cards to one another & to teachers. In teenagers drawing symbols of hearts next to a person’s name. Young adults writing poetry or love notes.  Couples saying I Love You. Others purchasing sweet items for their sweetheart. Listening to seniors recall their cherished precious moments.  There is no better action that making someone feel that they are special. Seeing that smile, that peace, that feeling.  And have you ever noticed how good it makes you feel as well.  So I encourage everyone to do something unique for this entire month that will show your fellow man some good, some kindness, some heart, some love.

With my sincerest words:  Happy February and may your Valentine’s Day 2018 be filled with love.