Reflexology Points – Adrenal Glands – The Center Of The Stress Response

afranolic5Continuing on with the wonderful article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology. Here is the second point I’m sharing:

Our Adrenal Glands – The center of the stress response

The adrenals have about 50 functions and many known hormones, among them, adrenaline which causes sugar to be released from the liver for quick energy in times of stress or for the fight/flight reflex. We tend to run on this faulty adrenal energy which causes exhausted adrenals.

The adrenals fight infection, aid in muscle tone, make extra estrogen and testosterone, regulate our lymph glands, and the body’s mineral balance. They fight fatigue, allergies, viruses, and clear up the bronchi-oles. The adrenals glands are involved in arthritis and migraines.

You’re never wrong to work the adrenal gland, no matter what the issue.

By providing Reflexology in Kitchener Waterloo, I can locate it at the slight indentation halfway between the base of ball of foot and the waist line, in line with the stem of the big toe, by placing fingers over top of the ankle and with thumb, I hook medially into the reflex.

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