Foot Reflexology Trial of Pain Level & Quality of Sleep in Post C-Section Mothers

Ana Franolic Reflexology 60As printed in the IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science:  A Randomized Control Trial to Determine the Effect of Foot Reflexology on Intensity of Pain and Quality of Sleep in Post Caesarean Mothers was conducted & noted that there is a rapid increase of C-Sections around the world.

Studies were done in both Turkey & New Delhi. They state the results as “after receiving foot reflexology therapy, the subjects showed significant pain relief and improved quality of sleep”. The findings of the study support the need of implementing foot reflexology to post operative pain and improve the quality of sleep. Foot reflexology is a non pharmacological, cost effective and simple intervention without any adverse effects. The results proved that the foot reflexology was effective in reducing the post operative pain among post cesarean mothers.

Reflexology is a sensational, dynamic yet simple approach to glowing health.  If you wish to obtain all statistical info, please review the journal.