Reflexology Points – Pineal Gland – The Center Of Goal Setting

Zen Reflexology By Ana Franolic
Zen Reflexology by Ana Franolic

Continuing with the article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology. Here is the third point I’m sharing:

Our Pineal Gland – The center of the goal setting

The hormones of the Pineal Gland feeds the muscles, one feeds the memory, and one improves the nature of your sleep (produces melatonin)

It is important in dreaming, goal setting, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, muscle aches, spasms. Also its been mentioned to work it for Parkinson’s disease.

As a Reflexologist, I can locate it by using my thumb between your first and second knuckle on the first digit, I press in and down on the little edge of the medial side, just above the bump and even with the base of the nail.

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