Chinese New Year 2016

2016 Chinese New YearCelebrate the Chinese New Year on February 8, 2016 – It’s the Year of the Fire Monkey!

Have you ever wondered the meaning behind the Lunar New Year traditions?

Looking to have a a lucky, prosperous year?

So take a peak into your Chinese horoscope & try some of these traditions:

Hóunián sòng ni wuzhi hóu – (Translation – THIS MONKEY YEAR, I GIVE YOU 5 MONKEYS)

  1. Clean the house thoroughly on New Year’s Eve – sweeping away any misfortunes, making room to fresh start in the New Year
  2. Give red envelopes with some money to children – given by married people in order to pass on wealth to those who “need it most”
  3. Set off some firecrackers – drive away those evil spirits
  4. Decorate your home with red lanterns, the “Fu” (luck character) & give your family a “money tree” gift – symbolize prosperity & good fortune
  5. Come together as a family & have a feast – celebrate togetherness, a reminder to enjoy yourself after a year of hard work, the feasts reinforce the importance and fortitude of family.

And of course, try something new in the new year – Reflexology