The oldest documentation of the use of Reflexology is found in Egypt (2,500 BC).  From a learned natural healing method it has evolved with research by various esteemed physicians & physiotherapists, all having done their own research, development, documentation of course publication.

Reflexology is based on the fact that there are reflexes throughout the body and they are interconnected to different parts of the body being carried along the neural pathways. By skillfully activating these reflex points & zones that correspond to a certain body part, system, organ, etc. this in turn triggers the whole body to move towards homeostasis (a state of balance – normal healthy functioning). Various foot reflexology charts & maps depict the corresponding body part.  A very poignant fact is that there are over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot.

Eastern & Traditional Chinese Medicine have continually shared a strong stance on its healing capability. Reflexology is now practiced world wide for activating the healing responses of the body with various hands-on, pressure point techniques.

Research has been written stating reflexology sessions:

  • relieve tension and stress
  • reduce anxiety
  • diminish pain
  • improve blood flow
  • decrease high blood pressure
  • ease plantar fasciitis pain
  • aids post operative recovery
  • complements cancer care (it’s 1 of the 2 therapies that HopeSpring Cancer Centre allows) which I volunteered at for many years
  • helps revitalize the body’s muscle tissue and body functioning
  • is a holistic option to improving overall health

A specialized profession where you have Certified Reflexologists and then additionally those like myself – that are Registered Reflexology Practitioners where you will find them offering their reflexology services at clinics and high-end Wellness Spa Centers.

The World Health Organization states it is a “safe, simple, effective” method that can be performed on anyone at any age!

As a Registered Reflexologist in the Kitchener Waterloo area – I truly believe Reflexology provides all the benefits mentioned below and is a wonderfully rejuvenating therapy that revitalizes the body, assists in its defenses, and promotes quicker response times from illness or injury.

Ana’s Top 7 Benefits of Reflexology:
  1. Provides relaxation and stress relief
  2. Improves circulation
  3. Increases flexibility and lowers blood pressure
  4. Helps to clear blockages and toxins from the body
  5. Boosts immunity promoting overall health
  6. Restores and balances the flow of energy throughout the body
  7. Soothes, rejuvenates and relaxes stiff muscles and sore, painful feet

In summary, Reflexology is a holistic approach to improving overall health.
It is an all-encompassing treatment that allows the body & mind to heal and restore itself.

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 Ana's Signature 60 minute session
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 Ana's International Escape 90 minute session  
 Ana's Certified Hand Reflexology (available as an add-on or by itself)
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World Reflexology Week is the last full week of every September!

An International promotion of good health and well being using Reflexology. The theme this year is Healthy Aging.
The aim of World Reflexology Week is to promote reflexology and increase public awareness around the globe.

Remember global awareness begins at the local level.