Reflexology Points – Pituitary Gland – The Center For All Glands

1155888-bigthumbnailContinuing on with the wonderful article about the 5 Power Points in Reflexology. Here is the 5th point of the article I’m summarizing:

The Pituitary gland is “The Master Gland”. It overlooks all of the other glands of the body and all the bodily functions. It secretes nine hormones, it influences growth, is a part of the triangle of life along with the sex glands.

It has been written that working this reflex can reduce fever (every 15 minutes) alleviate dizziness, faintness, muscle pain, muscle strength, congested breathing.

As a Registered Reflexologist, I can locate it by where the swirls of the big toe comes together I put my thumb directly in the center of this point and hook to the medial side.  This may be quite sensitive, so I watch subtle movements on my client’s face and ask if they feel any discomfort.

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