Reflexology Near Kitchener Waterloo

Reflexology by Ana FranolicSo when a person thinks of looking into a topic such as REFLEXOLOGY – where do you begin?

Well you start off by searching what is near you.  Then of course you continue your research by finding the right person.  Narrowing it down by reading the reviews, blogs and visiting their website, you get a sense and feel of who they are.  Furthermore, as you look into that person’s qualifications, you dig into how many years of experience and of course their education.

Now, summer for most people is a time to go out and try something new, to explore what is out there.  For students, it’s a a time to wind down and enjoy a little break from learning, For me, as a Registered Reflexologist, I have a mandate to obtain & maintain my CEUs (Continuing Education Units).  I will be taking courses, reading research, learning from internationally known teachers and of course updating my specialized skills & techniques.  In summary, I also will be exploring but having a fun time always learning.

So, as you approach summer, why not try something new, explore the benefits of reflexology, find the reflexology near Kitchener Waterloo.